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That’s kind of an insane number, so like, thanks for following. To celebrate 9k followers i’m giving away the Legend Trilogy! That’s right, three books!

  • you must be following me. This is a giveaway for my followers after all :)
  • like or reblog this post to enter
  • no giveaway blogs will be permitted
  • the giveaway ends on November 21st
  • open internationally
  • you must be willing to give me your shipping information 
  • ask box must be open. If the winner selected does not reply within 48 hrs, a new one will be selected
  • questions? my ask box is open :)

*the editions i’m giving away are slightly different than pictured. They will be the Penguin UK editions in paperback via book depository


Upside-Down Ads Reveal The Subtlety Of Depression

Singapore-based suicide prevention organisation Samaritans of Singapore recently ran a series of ads which cleverly uses ambigrams to highlight the difficulty in understanding and identifying depression. The print ads feature images showing a positive message.

However, when the ad is inverted, a sadder, more depressing message is revealed.

The advertisement’s tagline “The signs are there if you read them” is printed upside-down so that readers will know to flip the ads over.

It also reinforces the message that it is easy to miss the warning signs of depression.


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